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Some troubling news: If you're a Time Warner Cable subscriber in New York City or Los Angeles (or Dallas or Boston or Denver or Detroit or Chicago or Pittsburgh) — as many people in New York and presumably LA (and Dallas and Boston and Denver and Detroit and Chicago and Pittsburgh) are — unfortunately you might be without CBS and Showtime (and several other CBS-related channels) for a while. Time Warner and CBS are locked in a dispute over transmission fees that, because an agreement wasn't reached by 5 p.m. EDT today, has resulted in Time Warner Cable temporarily ceasing service. So. How about that.

This means that, if things aren't resolved over the weekend, we (us unlucky TWC customers) won't get a new Dexter or Ray Donovan on Sunday. Which is too bad, to be sure. But, far more importantly and more distressingly, we won't be getting a new Under the Dome on Monday! No dome?? What are we going to do with #dome? It's the most important part of our week! And now we're expected to just sit, clueless as to what's happening to Dodee and that damn dome, while everyone else enjoys another adventure under said dome? It just doesn't seem fair. This had better be resolved before Monday night or there will be hell to pay. Hell meaning calling Time Warner to complain and then sadly retreating when they oh-so-gently remind us that our only other option in our area is satellite and, y'know, sometimes we like to watch TV on cloudy days. Sigh. We'll miss you, dome. But there's nothing to be done.

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