The Cronut Craze Continues: Dominique Ansel to Publish Book

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Dominique Ansel, he of the famed SoHo cronut™ bakery, is writing a cookbook for Simon & Schuster. The tome, tentatively titled Dominique Ansel: The Secret Recipes, will teach you all kinds of French baking goodness and is due out in October 2014. 

There are bootleg Cronut recipes out there of course, but the book is your chance at authenticity. And, we guess, gorging on pastries without waiting in line. Ansel said in a statement: “This is a cookbook about one man, one small bakery, and how a really good pastry can reach the world. Its purpose is not just to teach cooks how to replicate a recipe, but to inspire them to innovate beyond it.” Sadly, Ansel isn't really exaggerating. There are Cronut imitators all the way in the Phillipines. 

And while we thought we hit Peak Cronut when an enterprising, genre-bending patron brought one into the Museum of Modern Art's Rain Room in July, news of the cookbook ensures we won't stop talking about these treats for at least another year. Simon & Schuster confirmed to The Atlantic Wire that it acquired the rights in a highly competitive auction. Good for Ansel for cashing in.

The question, however, is how long interest in the cronut will continue — and whether people will want to go through the trouble of making these things at home. After all, some cookbooks are so complex, they take the joy out of cooking. And, as Jimmy Fallon and Questlove recently demonstrated, cronuts are not all that easy to make. 

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