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If the Brits can get Jane Austen on their money, surely Americans can get the man who gave us Game of Thrones on some kind of American currency, right? Fine, fine, there's no real push yet to get Mr. Martin on the the $20 bill (currently occupied by Andrew Jackson, whoever he was), but AbeBooks, an online bookseller, is imagining what money would look like if more authors joined prime ministers, presidents, and royalty on greenbacks. Some of AbeBooks's other author-inspired currency includes this old-school fifty-dollar bill with a majestic Walt Whitman: 

Note that there's no such thing as "The Federal Reserve Bank of Poetry."

Anyway, here's J.K. Rowling on an English banknote:

Delightful, right? The only sad thing about these images is that the bills are not real, and are worth less than the paper that you'd print them on. But don't let that stop you; if the notion of "breaking a Martin" seems irresistible, get in touch with the U.S. Mint. Good luck.

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