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Showtime has released a new trailer for season three of Homeland and it shows us a lot. It shows us so much, in fact, that we already have a bunch of questions about the new season.

1. Why are the Brodys — specifically Jessica, Dana, and Chris (poor, huevos rancheros-lovin' Chris) — still characters on the show? What do they have to do with anything at this point?

2. So is Carrie back in the loony bin or what? In this trailer we see her in one of her snappy CIA suits and also in a hospital gown chained to a gurney. What is happening to Carrie??

3. Where exactly is Brody and what is he doing? Fleeing, or on some new mission? And why's he so beat up?

4. Are Carrie and Quinn ever going to do it? We see him skulking around with a pistol in the trailer, so he's still on the show, but was I the only one who thought he was a potential second love interest for our lunatic leading lady?

5. OK, so, if the Brody family simply has to be on the show, does that mean they might actually give Chris something to do this season other than eat Mike's food and talk about basketball?

6. Where is Mike?

7. Who's that making out at 2:32? Is it Jessica and Mike? It's too dark!

8. Why is Saul so sorry? Because Carrie in an institution? What did Saul do??

9. Haha, look at Carrie's crazy notebook. I know that's not a question, but come on, look at it. 

10. Seriously though, why is the Brody family still on the show? 

All of these questions and more will be answered on September 29, when the new season premieres. Well, probably not all of them. I think they're gonna keep the Chris Brody mystery under wraps for a while. 

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