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Many may have barely noticed when Showtime's lavish period drama The Borgias was canceled after three seasons earlier this year, but the show's fan base has been so rabid in the wake of the plug-pulling that the network's execs have been forced to mollify them with an e-book. 

The Hollywood Reporter's Lesley Goldberg reports today that the network is releasing show creator Neil Jordan's two-hour movie follow-up script as an e-book. It's not an actual show-to-movie conversion a lá Veronica Mars, but it's better than nothing. 

This ought to be at least somewhat comforting to the show's highly engaged fanbase, probably the first bit of good news they've heard since the show was canceled in June, despite reaching ratings highs. Back then Deadline's Nellie Andreeva reported that though the show initially intend to go for four seasons, star Jeremy Irons told Jordan that he felt that the season three finale was an end. Though Jordan proposed completing the tale of the debauched Renaissance-era papal family with a movie, that was deemed too expensive and the show was simply laid to rest. 

The fans, though, refused to rest. No, they've gone to some hilariously extreme measures to revive their beloved show. The Save The Borgias Fan Campaign encouraged fans to send sardines to Showtime president David Nevins. Their rescue campaign reached a quite literal high point at the Television Critics Association press tour, when a group hired a plane to fly a banner over Showtime's lunch with a message for Nevins: "D Nevins: Sho fans you care -- save The Borgias." (Update: That group was, one of the administrators for that group pointed out. They also contributed to the sardine effort.) As the Huffington Post pointed out, the tactics are similar to ones employed by Veronica Mars fans long before the Kickstarter phenomenon. Nevins did suggest that fundraising tool at the TCAs. 

In the end it's likely this e-book won't be enough to satisfy fans. In announcing news of the release on the fan campaign's Facebook, it was declared: "This does not mean the fight is over... In fact, we are just getting started!" And really, can you blame them?

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