Robert Pattinson Is Fooling Around with Elvis's Granddaughter

Today in celeb gossip: Mr. Twilight is dating the King's granddaughter, Megan Fox is once again with child, and Jamie Lee Curtis calls Jodie Foster for help. 

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Robert Pattinson, a swingin' single now that he and Kristen Stewart are finally dunzo for good, has been "hooking up" (Us Weekly's words, not mine; they use trendy terms like that nowadays) with young actress Riley Keough. Some sort of source — and I'm guessing the source is Riley Keough's publicist hiding in the bushes talking through a paper towel tube — tells the magazine that Keough is "the first girl he's liked since Kristen." Well how about that. A new pal for Bobby Patentleather. And what a pal! Keough is an up-and-coming actress, appearing in a few reasonably well-received indies and in the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road. Oh, and, a little awkwardly? She was in The Runaways with none other than Kiki Stewart. Oooops! I bet that's how they met! Oh well. But of course the most interesting thing about Keough is that she's Elvis Presley's granddaughter. Imagine the stories she must have about the grandfather she never met and her weird, sorta sad family. I mean, her step-dad was Michael Jackson for a while. That's just interesting conversation. So, go ahead, Mr. Pattinson and Ms. Keough. Enjoy each other. Meanwhile in heaven, Elvis reads the news and looks at the picture and says "My granddaughter is makin' time with a girl vampire? Somebody get the Colonel. We need to put a stake in this dang thing." And thus begins a whole new adventure. [Us Weekly]

Mid-aughts sexpot Megan Fox will soon be a married mother of two. She's already a married mother of one, but she's now expecting a second child with her husband, squirmy Beverly Hills 90210 horndog turned adult heartthrob James Eckhouse Brian Austin Green. So they'll just be a regular old family. Two kids, married, probably living out in the Valley. Going to the supermarket, thinking about schools, trying to find a little time for a date night here and there. Meanwhile, were we aware that Brian Austin Green is forty? Because I was not aware, and that is very crazy. Where has all the time gone. [Page Six]

Here is a strange story. Actress turned extremely regular yogurt saleswoman Jamie Lee Curtis was in a car accident yesterday. She's fine. She was taken to the hospital, but everything's OK. Just a little rattled. That's not the strange part. The strange part is that just after the accident, while waiting for police and paramedics to arrive, Curtis called Jodie Foster, who showed up on the scene like an angel of deliverance to comfort her friend. I guess they are friends! I did not know they were friends. But it makes sense. They came up together in the '70s. Curtis is only four years old than Foster, so I'm sure they've basically been running in the same circles for nigh on forty years. And they've become so tight that when one is in a nasty fender-bender, they call the other. "Jodes, it's James, you gotta come down here, I need you." And so Jodie jumped on her quad bike and puttered down to the scene and comforted her old friend. It's a nice story. But it's a little strange, too, don't you think? Just something a little strange about sitting on the curb by a car wreck and texting Jodie Foster to come get ya. Weird lives famous folks lead, huh. [TMZ]

So, White Stripes singer Jack White and his wife got a divorce. It was once a peaceful split, but now it's gotten difficult. There's a restraining order against White after some harassment allegations, etc. etc. This is kind of your run-of-the-mill ugly split story, but what's interesting is how the story got reported. See, it was first reported in Nashville City Paper, by a reporter from The Tennessean who'd just been laid off. Like, just been laid off. A victim of newspaper conglomerate Gannett's nationwide wave of layoffs, reporter Bobby Allyn (is there a better name for a young Tennessee reporter than Bobby Allyn? I do not think there is) was in the midst of reporting the Jack White restraining order news when he was canned. "As soon as I got the court filing, the paper’s secretary called. ‘You’re wanted in HR in 10 minutes,’" he told Romenesko. So what did he do? "After they canned me, I walked the scoop across the street." Ha! He then pointed out to Romenesko: "As a student of irony it’s notable that I have the #1 story on the Tennessean right now!" How about that? The sweet taste of victory. Or of at least the sweet-ish taste of getting laid off from your full-time job and having at least one good thing happen to you after that. At least that. [Romenesko]

Broadway and sometimes TV actor (30 Rock, Behind the Candelabra) Cheyenne Jackson is wildin' out now that he's split with his partner of 13 years (and husband of two) and has moved to Los Angeles. He's gotten all kinds of crazy tattoos of quotes on his arms, one from James Dean and another from the Elvis song "Big Daddy Boots." (Elvis is all over this Smart Set today. The guy's still got it!) He's also been seen palling around with a much younger boyfriend, doing things like going to a closeted (and, frustratingly, unnamed) Hollywood actor's pool party, the invitation reading "Bring a Speedo and a towel only." So... OK. He's having a little crisis. He's going to be 40 in two years, so maybe he's feeling it, going a little buckwild while he still can. It's understandable. But it's a little ooky to watch. Meanwhile, Sutton Foster was last seen buying an 8-ball outside of Urge and hopping on the back of Jodie Foster's quad bike and zooming into the night. What is happening to our theater stars?? [Page Six]

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