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Just how big are the secrets that are going to revealed in the upcoming documentary about J.D. Salinger? Well, Harvey Weinstein wants you to remember The Crying Game

The Weinstein Company and Simon & Schuster have launched a campaign associated with the movie and the accompanying book (both titled Salinger and both out in early September ) called "Uncover the Mystery but Don’t Spoil the Secrets," according to Deadline Hollywood, which encourages everyone to keep mum. Because, supposedly, the secrets are huge.

"Back in 1993, when Miramax released The Crying Game, we asked journalists and moviegoers not to reveal the film’s secret to their friends," Weinstein said in a statement, forgetting that the movie was, in fact, initially released in 1992, apparently. "With Salinger, we have a similar situation: The joy of this documentary is discovering information that, until now, has been kept under wraps for decades." 

We won't spoil The Crying Game for you if you haven't seen, but the big reveal really was — and remains — shocking. Stephen Hunter wrote about the moment for The Baltimore Sun in February 1993. "I revisited the film in a crowded theater in Laurel over the weekend; at that moment, it's as if someone had sucked the air from the place," Hunter wrote. "One hears a massive intake of breath, followed by a few cynical, booming, embarrassed laughs..." 

Filmmaker Shane Salerno apparently has some big secrets up his sleeve—press and insiders who get to see it before its theatrical release September 6 have to sign non-disclosure agreements—but one has to wonder just how much shock value these revelations have if Harvey's bringing up The Crying Game. There are definitely Salinger questions to be answered, but the filmmakers seem to be implying there's something there we won't see coming. Like, you know, in The Crying Game

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