Oh No, Lindsay Lohan Partied All Night

Today in celebrity gossip: Lindsay Lohan had a late night, Miley and Liam are chilly around one another, and Sheryl Crow had an accident. 

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This isn't great news. Just days after getting out a 90-day rehabilitation program, actress Lindsay Lohan spent a late night out in Los Angeles with a member of the band The Wanted, and was reportedly "helped out of the bash by security at 7 a.m." yesterday morning. Of course it's possible she wasn't drinking alcohol, it could have been Red Bull or soda pop all night, but even so, being around all that is probably not the best idea right now? I know it's exhausting that we've all been telling this woman how to live her life for the past ten years, a decade of paternalism and concern trolling and all that, but regardless of who Lindsay Lohan is and what we know about her, I think it's safe to say that anyone who just got out of their most recent time in rehab and who's had an obvious substance abuse problem for a number of years should maybe try to avoid hanging out with rock stars (ha, The Wanted) until 7 a.m. Like, I don't think Oprah would find fault with that assessment. Lindsay Lohan is an adult and can do whatever she wants, obviously, but my reaction to this is still, "Oh, that's depressing." Because it is. The whole thing is downright, doggone, dumb dumb depressing. [Page Six]

Are Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth still engaged? Still dating? Still in love? The whole world wants to know, and yet they give us so few clues. They went to the premiere of Hemsworth's new film Paranoia together, Miley wearing her engagement ring and the two posing for photos together, but then some Us Weekly snoop goes and tells us that they "acted like they didn't even know each other the entire night." So is it all for show? And if so, who do they think is watching the show and cares about the show? I mean it's just Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. They're not Di and Charles. They don't have kids together. They've no political responsibility. She's 20 years old for heaven's sake! I haven't been 20 years old for, oh, ten years, but if I remember correctly, 20-year-olds break up with their boyfriends and girlfriends all the damn time. So if Miley and Liam are putting on a good front to save face or preserve some image of their coupledom, that is deeply, deeply silly. But of course the other possibility is that they're doing just fine and we're being a bunch of nosy Nancies who should really not be prying into the love lives of children. I hope it's the former, but c'mon, it's probably the latter. [Us Weekly]

Sheryl Crow has an eyepatch now. Yup. She went to sea and a narwhal attacked her and she lost her right eye. No, haha, no. She was playing tennis with her children and one of them, I'm guessing, hit a ball right into her eye. She said, on Instagram, "So this is what happens when you play tennis with your kids... Someone has a good forehand!" Which sounds like she got hit in the eye with a ball. It's weird that Sheryl Crow is getting injured in tennis accidents involving her children. That doesn't seem very Tuesday Night Music Club-era Sheryl. But that was a long time ago. The most interesting thing about this whole story, I think, is that we get to see a glimpse of what Sheryl Crow's kitchen looks like. It looks nice, right? The banana thing is a little cheesy, and there's a chunkiness to the cabinets and the range hood that could indicate some tackiness, but the subway tile is really nice and the countertops look solid. Man I wish there was a blog or a TV show called Celebrity Kitchens and that's all it was, just pictures and video of celebrities' kitchens. Who doesn't love a good kitchen? Nobody, that's who. Someone do this, please. We can start with Sheryl Crow's kitchen. Eyepatch and all. [People]

Did Anthony Weiner disrupt a Met Opera outdoor concert in Brooklyn Bridge Park because Christine Quinn spoke but he wasn't allowed to? Page Six is saying yes, that's what happened last month: "Sources tell Page Six that Weiner caused a scene last month at the show after complaining that his Mayoral rival Christine Quinn was going to speak. A source relates, 'Weiner demanded he be able to speak. But he was refused. Not to be deterred, Weiner showed up anyway, with a team with placards, and pushed his way forward, demanding to be heard, and disrupted the start of the opera.'" His people say he was campaigning and that he did go to the concert, but that he didn't force himself into anything and that the only reason he wasn't allowed to formally speak was "they were fearful Speaker Quinn would retaliate by withholding funds." Oh that's a funny little dig. They'll take any chance they can get, I guess! Anyway, this is all very local and silly and probably most of you don't care. I don't even know if I care. Who cares! [Page Six]

Liam from One Direction took his shirt off. This is news, it seems. To some, it is news. To many, probably, it is news. To you, is it news? There's only one way to find out. [Us Weekly]

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