The Most Interesting Man in the World Wants You to Help Him Detonate Some Bombs

The actor Jonathan Goldsmith, the Most Interesting Man in the World of Dos Equis beer commercial fame, took to Reddit today to talk about his interesting life blowing up 40-year old, actively-armed land mines that still wreak havoc in Vietnam.

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The Most Interesting Man in the World would really like your help in detonating bombs. The actor Jonathan Goldsmith, the recognizable mascot of Dos Equis flavored water beer, took to Reddit today to talk about his interesting life blowing up 40-year old, actively-armed land mines that still wreak havoc in Vietnam, part of a drive to support his charity of choice.

"These are live bombs. In a moment or two we're going to blow them up," Goldsmith says in a video directed at Reddit users earlier today. "That's just a week's worth of — what shall we say — buried treasure?"

Goldsmith's planned explosions in Vietnam's Demilitarized Zone were to promote Clear Path International, an organization that works in conflict-affected zones, helping survivors reintegrate into stable lives, particularly by ridding the area of active, dangerous land-mines. The planned detonation consisted of 68 total projectiles, as almost 200,000 have been found in Vietnam since 1999, the video explains. Goldsmith and his explosive partner placed these projectiles in a sandbagged pit, added 12 kilograms of TNT, and let the action begin.

"It felt good to hit that switch and remove these threats forever," he says. "With your help, Reddit, we'll get the rest of them."

Of course, Goldsmith himself is not actually the most interesting man in the world, but is just a Jewish-American actor from the Bronx who found fame late in life. Sharks do not have a week named after him. He cannot speak German ... in French. And he did not once have an awkward moment just to see how it feels.

But the explosives do show him as a rugged adventurer — the modern-day Marlboro Man — and a 2011 "Talk of the Town" item in The New Yorker favorably compared the Most Interesting character and the actor who plays him.

Goldsmith is not this man. Still, he has more in common with him than you do. A montage of highlights from the real life of Jonathan Goldsmith might include (had there been cameras present) footage of him rescuing a stranded climber on Mt. Whitney, saving a drowning girl in Malibu, sailing the high seas with his friend Fernando Lamas (the inspiration for his Interesting persona and, according to Goldsmith, “the greatest swordsman who ever lived in Hollywood”), and starting a successful network marketing business (“I was a hustler, a very good hustler”), which, for a while, anyway, enabled him to flee Hollywood for an estate in the Sierras.

Goldsmith's answers on a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) today solidified that his personal coolness level is on par with Dos Equis' fictional mascot. Most of his qualities come from his gravely yet clear voice, and, most importantly, his luscious beard. (For those unfamiliar with Reddit AMAs, his responses are written below the blue highlighted username.)

But the greatest revelation from the article revolved around his famous tagline, "I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis." So what, exactly, does he drink when he's not in the mood for beer?

Thank you, Reddit, and thank you Jonathan Goldsmith. That puts an end to the most pressing question of our time.

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