Miley Mania Won't Stop

Today in celebrity gossip: The post-VMAs fallout continues for Miley Cyrus, 'N Sync is disappointed about their VMAs performance, and Princess Kate is thin again. 

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It's been nearly two days since Miley Cyrus did a sexualized dance on the MTV Video Music Awards, and yet it is still the source of much outrage. Doubling down on her blustery tirade from yesterday, Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski went on the Today show this morning and called the performance pornography and called for the head of someone, or someones, at MTV. She shares that sentiment with the Parents Television Council, which isn't so mad at Cyrus, or at least they're not saying they are, but instead want people at MTV fired because the show's TV-14 rating was misleading. "How is this image of former child star Miley Cyrus appropriate for 14-year-olds?" they ask. To which I ask, is the Parents Television Council aware of the Internet? Or what being 14 is like in general? Some kid dancing around in a bikini is probably the most tame thing they'd seen all day. Also, all this outrage is interesting. I mean, where were the freakouts when this teenager posted shirtless photos, underwear exposed, on Instagram? Or when the same teen, younger than Miley I'll remind you, sexy-danced with a nearly 30-year-old live on stage at an awards show? Isn't that strange? I guess people just care about Miley more. That must be it. Anyway, the outrage storm continues, as we are still a nation that, deep in our Puritan hearts, hates the wicked dance. [People]

Also related to Miley reactions: This thing does not look like this thing. Time!

Perhaps Miley felt like she did have something to be ashamed of, though, as she didn't show up to her own VMAs after party. She was supposed to cohost a bash with Pharrell Williams and Terry Richardson (of course Terry Richardson was involved), but she didn't go, instead heading to a studio to record some sort of secret collaboration. Which, who knows if that's actually true, but let's hope it is. Because it would be sad if she skipped her own party because she was embarrassed. [Page Six]

In other post-VMAs news, some sort of "source" (it's JC Chasez talking through a paper towel tube) tells Us Weekly that the other members of 'N Sync were upset that Justin Timberlake reduced their portion of his big performance on Sunday night. Originally there were going to be a few more 'N Sync tunes, but it was pared down to just one short version of "Bye Bye Bye" and then they were lowered back under the stage on their platforms, never to be seen again. Aw, that's too bad. Remember when JC tried to hit all those runs right at the end of 'N Sync's little bit? Sigh. He always wanted it the most, didn't he? Or at least figured himself deserving of it the most. Anyway, that's the story with 'N Sync today. Well, that and Joey farted. Probably. He's not sure. But most likely, Joey Fatone farted. [TMZ]

If you're feeling left out of the whole Miley hoopla, a younger generation's childhood memories ruined by their former kiddie hero's writhing and wriggling, well fear not. Us Reagan babies will soon get our own dose of sordid reality when Tami Erin's sex tape is released. As in Pippi Longstocking from 1988's The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking. She has a sex tape. Yeah. And it's not even with Tommy. (Or Annika, for that matter.) TMZ has seen it and says it "appears to have been shot very recently and features Tami in various sexual situations." So, great. Isn't that just what we need? I think so. The world is what it is, I suppose. Nothing can stay innocent forever. But thank god Eileen Brennan isn't around to see this. That's all I've got to say on the matter. [TMZ]

Duchess Kate, wife of William of Wales, was photographed in her local supermarket parking lot, as she often is, looking svelte, despite having given birth only about a month ago. Well, I guess she didn't gain much weight to begin with, so this shouldn't be that surprising. And of course the minute after she gave birth the royal physicians were upon her, giving her various potions and tonics to get her back into the shape required of a future Queen of the realm. "Put her on the rack!" Queen Elizabeth ordered as squealing Prince George was wheeled away. "This will get you nice and taut again, my dear," the Queen purred as Kate was carried down to the rack room. The Queen was already back in her quarters, sipping tea with her Corgis, when she heard the first wail. [Us Weekly]

Here are photos of Larry King going glasses shopping with his grandson. Why would you not want to look at photos of that? [Daily Mail]

And finally in our day of corrupted youth, we turn to young RJ Mitte, who plays Walter Jr. on Breaking Bad, and who has just turned 21 years old. He celebrated like any good kid does, with a boozy party in Las Vegas featuring a bevy of scantily clad women hired to be there for the occasion. (But don't worry, his mom was there too, for some reason.) Hanging around with mostly nude adults and drinking alcohol at just 21 years old?? Somebody tell Brzezinski. She needs to put a stop to this. [TMZ]

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