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The Cory Monteith in the McCanick trailer doesn't look like the Cory Monteith that became famous singing Journey on Glee. Monteith, in one of his last roles, plays a young criminal and addict. It's a role weighed down by the knowledge that Monteith died last month of a mixture of heroin and alcohol

The role, the film's director Josh C. Waller told Entertainment Weekly, was "an opportunity for catharsis." Monteith dealt with substance abuse problems for much of his life.

The trailer, however, makes Monteith's character, the object of fascination for David Morse's titular detective character, seem more mysterious than explicit. In fact, Monteith barely speaks in the trailer, and is mostly seen grimy and on the run.

McCanick is one of two Monteith films that will debut at the Toronto International Film Festival. In the other film, All the Wrong Reasons, he plays a department store manager.  

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