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While many of us spent the weekend watching Elysium, pretending to enjoy rosé at wine bars or just sitting at home not wearing any pants, around 600 people who are definitely cooler than you are went to the Manhattan Bridge on Saturday night for an flash-mob electric dance party "experience" produced by a college dropout who isn't old enough to legally drink. 

"Worth every minute! Lieutenant told us he hasn't seen anything like that in 15 years. I told him thank you!" reads a status update from the party's founder, Alexander Shlaferman, a Bensonhurst native who dropped out of NYU only to make a fortune from a toy company, according to the New York Post.

He is the young man behind Xandernation, which organized the giant dance party. "We do not throw parties, we create experiences," the Xandernation Facebook page reads.  "We throw electronic events in the craziest places, and we fill it with the greatest people in the world."  

The party, which started at 10:30 p.m. was broken up by the cops around 1a.m., with three of the organizers arrested by the New York Police Department.

Here's a video of the party, which is the sort of thing you never think happens in New York anymore:

And one more: 

Of course, New Yorkers love a secret/illicit/illegal party, even if they have to climb a Chelsea water tower or make their way into an abandoned subway station. At least there might have been a nice breeze on the Manhattan Bridge. 

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