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Today in show business news: Katherine Heigl returns to television, Juliette Lewis joins her there, and two more old timers have joined the cast of Expendables 3.

Despite starring in critically beloved blockbusters like Killers, The Ugly Truth, and One for the Money, Katherine Heigl is eyeing a return to the medium that made her, television. The Grey's Anatomy apostate is shopping around a show about a CIA agent who is liaison to the White House. So Katherine Heigl wants her Homeland, only on network television. Hm. Is that the kind of role people want to see Katherine Heigl in? I feel like she should do more of a dramedy type thing, maybe even a half-hour. A half-hour on Showtime? That could work, depending. But she wants the bigger audiences and the serious stuff that's winning Claire Danes Emmys. Heigl's already got one of those, but she wants more. Always more. [Deadline]

The surprise hit Now You See Me, that's the mystery/thriller about a team of flashy young magicians, is getting a sequel. Vulture has some title suggestions like Now You See Me Too and Now You See Me 2: Hey, I'm Over Here Now, which are all well and good, but clearly the sequel will actually be called Now You Don't. Great movie title, sure to sell lots of movie tickets.  Now You Don't. Get into it. [Vulture]

Another movie actress is headed to TV. Juliette Lewis has been cast in M. Night Shyamalan's "event series" Wayward Pines. That's the one about the spooky mysterious town where spooky and mysterious things happen. (No, despite the title, it's not about a bunch of drunk gay dudes stumbling around Fire Island. Though I could see Juliette Lewis being on that show too.) Lewis will play "a warm and approachable small-town bartender who doesn’t mince words" and who, Matt Dillon's character finds out, is "just as wary of Wayward Pines as he is." Sounds intriguing! I mean, who doesn't like Juliette Lewis? She's great. A singular actress who's very good and lots of fun. This thing has got a good cast so far: Lewis, Dillon, Carla Gugino, Melissa Leo, Toby Jones, Shannyn Sossamon. That's quite a group. And a group that mostly does movies. Television really is a whole new ballgame these days. That's two Oscar nominees and one Oscar winner on that list. Pretty impressive. Too bad the show is from M. Night Shyamalan and the whole thing will be terrible though. Real shame about that. [Deadline]

Mel Gibson and Antonio Banderas are joining Sylvester Stallone, Harrison Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Wesley Snipes, Dolph Lundgren, and Jackie Chan in The Expendables 3. This is great. Because now the first table read can double as a SAG meeting about its benefits package for seniors. Makes it really easy for the union rep. Smart thinking, guys. [Deadline]

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