Here's Whom We'd Cast in the Justice League Movie

It may not happen this year, or next year, or even the year after that, but eventually Warner Brothers wants to churn out a Justice League movie. But before Warner Brothers gives us another controversial pick (like Ben Affleck) and mess with our favorite DC Comics heroes, we decided to reveal our own dream cast.

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It may not happen this year, or next year, or even the year after that, but eventually, Warner Brothers wants to churn out a Justice League movie because, duh, Marvel's The Avengers made over a billion dollars. Warner wants some of that billion-dollar super-hero-team-up juice.

We already know the major players: Henry Cavill will sport Superman's blue and red tights once more and Ben Affleck will don the cape and cowl as Batman. And on TuesdayMatt Damon said he wouldn't be playing Robin. Bryan Cranston might be Lex Luthor — or he might not

No one knows for sure yet. But the Justice League roster is deep, so deep, full of characters both well-known and obscure, with a variety of personalities and powers, that they all need love and attention. So here they are, the other guys, as casted by The Atlantic Wire:

Charlize Theron as Wonder Woman

We did not go with a natural brunette. We went with Charlize Theron. Keep in mind that Wonder Woman has to hold her own against Batman and Superman. Wonder Woman also has to be stunning and Amazonian; but despite her beauty, this hero has mud in her veins. Theron can pull this off (see: Monster).

Alexander Skarsgård as Aquaman

The beautiful, blonde Swede could probably lead Aquaman to heights not seen since the second season of Entourage. Whether it's in features like The East, or HBO's True Blood, Skarsgård has proven he has the right amount of charm and charisma balanced with the quiet vengeance and brooding that would make Aquaman an interesting character, for once.

Peter Mensah as Martian Manhunter

J'onn J'onzz is a strange character. First off, he's Martian and green, and will likely be CGI'd. He also possesses one of the deepest, most unflinching, stentorian voices in the land. If you have seen any of Starz's Spartacus series, you know no one messes with Peter Mensah. Mensah is a perfect fit for Martian Manhunter (better, anyway, than the rumored Matt Damon casting).

Ryan Gosling as Flash

When Ryan Gosling does open his mouth, he's quite the eloquent speaker. Unfortunately for us, he's been ordered to brood and mumble in his last seven or eight roles. (That's a guesstimate.) Gosling could easily balance the Flash's whiny, annoying-little-brother side with his good-hearted, fast talking, beautiful and charming side, both frustrating viewers and causing them to swoon. He's mentioned his interest in the role before, and we know the Internet wants him there, too.

Jesse Williams as Green Lantern

Everyone remembers the terrible, no good performance Ryan Reynolds turned in as Hal Jordan in the standalone Green Lantern movie. By all accounts, he won't be returning, thank heavens, so we need someone new. To shed the stink of that movie completely, we'd like to propose exchanging Hal Jordan for John Stewart and casting Jesse Williams. He's mostly stuck with sensitive nice guy types so far during his short career, but he's also… have you seen the guy? Underneath those glasses, yeah, kid could double for a superhero in a pinch.

Josh Holloway as Green Arrow

Picture a scruffy, bearded Josh Holloway shooting arrows at stuff. Maybe the green leotard works for you, maybe it doesn't. But Holloway can gab and punch and kick with the best of them while remaining affable. Lots of people wanted Jeremy Renner for this role before Marvel cast him to play Hawkeye. Consider Holloway as the sneaky, affordable, possibly even better consolation prize.

Rachel McAdams as Hawkgirl

It's time to break Rachel McAdams out of her romantic comedy rut. She'd be a perfect Hawkgirl, a reincarnated Egyptian princess who is reborn in every generation. That role of tortured princess would be just right for McAdams; this action movie would require her, for starters, wield a pretty badass mace around. We saw Red Eye and we know that McAdams is more than capable of holding her own action-wise.

Blake Lively as Black Canary

Black Canary has to be tough, clear-minded, badass, and despite her outfit (fishnets and a leather jacket) a goody two-shoes at heart. Black Canary, a.k.a. Dinah Laurel Lance, is also the main love interest of Green Arrow, and those two have as complicated a relationship as there is in comics. Blake Lively can do all of these things, and she showed in The Town that she's not afraid to portray someone tough and dirty.

Sam Worthington as Hawkman

Brash, brawny, handsome and he can act his way out of a paper bag: Sam Worthington works perfectly as Hawkman. He's just good enough at his job to earn the Hawkman role — so long as Gerard Butler and Jason Statham stay busy with other projects. Worthington has shown his expertise with old-school blunt object weapons in both Clash of the Titans movies, so he should have no trouble with Hawkman's signature mace.

Mila Kunis as Zatanna

Zatanna is my — Alex speaking here — favorite superhero in the entire D.C. universe. That's probably because I have a strange fascination with stage magic. Also, Zatanna is, at times, a campy cheeseball (she fights crime in a top hat) who is also one of the most powerful heroes ever created by D.C. What's also great about this character is that writers aren't afraid to give her a dark side, making her do things that are a bit questionable (see: mind-wiping Batman) or sort of scary (see: writing her spells in blood). That said, we were looking for someone vulnerable, someone a bit dark (remember Black Swan?), and someone who looks badass in a hat. Thus, Kunis.

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