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Time Warner Cable is now in its fourth day of blacking out CBS channels, creating real problems for television watchers. If the outage, the result of a fight over transmission fees, didn't bug people when it started Friday afternoon, it certainly created rumbles on Sunday night, when folks settled down for their appointment television. Twitter was rife with near murderous rage from fans who were denied their beloved Dexter, which is in its final season and apparently had a Best Episode Ever installment last night. On Saturday, CBS correspondent Mo Rocca tweeted: "In a twist next season Dexter targets only Time Warner Cable executives." And tonight, perhaps worst of all, viewers like you face the reality that they may not be able to know what happens Under the Dome . No dome?? How on Earth will you cope, as CBS loses $400,000 a day? We've got some suggestions. 

Worm your way into Showtime Anytime

If you must know what happened on Dexter and you're not willing to torrent it, turn to Showtime's version of HBO Go. No, you can't login with your Time Warner Cable account, but surely you know some nice people (your friends? your parents?) who have Verizon or DirecTV? Maybe even Comcast?? 

Read the Dome

If you must #dome because Monday nights have become your nights to #dome and you wouldn't know what to do without #dome, maybe you should just read Stephen King's #dome book which started the whole damn #dome phenomenon. At least that version has an ending

Catch up on The Bachelorette 

Just because the Dome isn't on, that doesn't mean there isn't tons of stupid TV to watch on the network channels tonight. The Bachelorette has its sure-to-be cringeworthy live After the Final Rose special tonight, while NBC has its bizarre fake reality show Siberia, both on at 10 p.m., when you would otherwise be under that damn dome. (#dome) 

Submit to Shark Week

Yeah, it's that time of year again on Discovery

Just give in and watch STARZ

Time Warner Cable has replaced CBS with STARZ Kids & Family (at least in New York), so when you tune in to watch Under the Dome tonight you're going to be met with the Julia Roberts/Susan Sarandon cancer weeper Stepmom. Watch Stepmom. Crying over that beats crying about, sigh, the dang dome.  




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