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Fans who packed into the Anaheim Convention Center for Disney’s live-action D23 panel on Saturday were left in a lurch, disappointed and upset, after it was revealed there would not be any news about the new Star Wars movies.

The beating Disney's taking online right now from voracious Star Wars fans ranges from the reasonably disappointed to, well, the not-so-reasonable: 

The reaction wasn't entirely unexpected. Disney had warned people in advance there wouldn't be some big reveal today despite the buzz surrounding the panel. "But we didn’t expect it to be true," laments Entertainment Weekly's Lindsey Bahr. "If Disney doesn’t do anything Star Wars, that will be the headline on many blogs Monday morning," Slashfilm's Peter Sciretta said before the panel began. Sure enough, minutes after Disney chairman Alan Horn told the crowd there wouldn't be any news Slashflim had this headline up: "Disney Chief Insists ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Will Arrive in 2015; No New Info Coming From D23." His tweet could be considered a threat if that wasn't how everyone is covering the disappointment, in some way, ourselves included. 

But this is what movie studios can expect from scoop-hungry fans every time they have these big conventions. The reveal hype generated by places like Comic-Con, where fans learned Batman and Superman will be teaming up for the first time on screen this year, will drive fans to react like this whenever they're left with nothing. The expectations are there, and studios can meet them or face the wrath. But, in the end, these people are still going to line up for three months ahead of Episode Seven's release. 

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