Everyone Loves 'Rizzoli & Isles,' Apparently

Today in show business news: TNT has a hit on its hands it seems, Jeremy Piven gets into sci-fi, and a look a star-studded new comedy. 

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Today in show business news: TNT has a hit on its hands it seems, Jeremy Piven gets into sci-fi, and a look a star-studded new comedy. 

TNT has renewed three of its series, including the extremely popular Rizzoli & Isles. Well, at least it seems to be extremely popular when you look at its ratings. It averages 8.4 million viewers a week with DVR and On Demand factored in. That's a lotta dang viewers! That's like two Mad Mens, for cripe's sake. And yet... Has anyone actually ever seen this Rizzoli & Isles? I mean this isn't quite a Rookie Blue situation, I am aware that people are watching Rizzoli & Isles to some extent, but are you watching Rizzoli & Isles? Who is watching Rizzoli & Isles? Where do these 8.4 million people live, where are they hiding? Is it just all of Virginia watching it? Or Oregon and Louisiana combined? We may never know. But they're out there, and they're watching Rizzoli & Isles. And Major Cases and Perception, which were also renewed. What mysterious people. [Deadline]

Well this is an interesting mix. Gina Gershon, Raquel Welch, and Enrico Colantoni are all set to star in a Lifetime movie based on Donatella Versace's life. Gershon will be playing the platinum blonde fashion mogul, though it'd be way more interesting if Colantoni was playing her. Instead he's playing her late brother Gianni, while Raquel Welch plays "their Aunt Lucia." So that'll be interesting. Lotta bad Italian accents coming our way? Maybe some good Italian accents? Who knows! Either way, it's happening. Lifetime will never stop making biopics. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Jeremy Piven has been cast, very late in the game, in the Tom Cruise sci-fi actioner Edge of Tomorrow (it used to have the better/worse title All You Needs Is Kill). Filming had wrapped, but they've gone back to film additional scenes and Piven got a role in those. He's playing some sort of colonel. Does the colonel make Tom Cruise hug him while calling him a bitch? Probably! I mean that's all Mr. Selfridge does, so why would this be any different? [Deadline]

Here's a trailer for Blue Caprice, the well-received Sundance drama about the 2002 D.C. sniper attacks. It stars Isaiah Washington as the manipulative John Allen Muhammad who lured Lee Boyd Malvo into his world of murder. Are we still mad at Isaiah Washington? Y'know, because of that Grey's Anatomy thing? It was a while ago, but I don't know. I'm asking because it looks like he's pretty good in this and it seems like an interesting, if very grim, movie that I might like to see, but if we're still mad at him I won't. So, just let me know.

Here is a trailer for A.C.O.D., a comedy which features Amy Poehler and Catherine O'Hara, but stars Adam Scott. Aw, can't it star Amy Poehler and Catherine O'Hara? Wouldn't you prefer that movie? I know people like Adam Scott but he's doing his usual Adam Scot thing here and we've seen a lot of that lately and I'd like to see more of Amy Poehler and Catherine O'Hara's things. I want to see their things. Wait. I mean. No I just want them to have starring roles. Poehler has the David Wain movie They Came Together, which she stars in, coming up, so that's exciting. But there isn't a trailer out for that yet so I'm going to whine about this. That's what I'm going to do.

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