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Last night was John Oliver's last night hosting The Daily Show, and everyone was happy to see him go. Well, the correspondents were, at any rate. After updating a few of the summer's biggest stories (San Diego Mayor BobFilner is still disgusting, both Russia and America don't allow gay people to donate blood, and Anthony "Carlos Danger" Weiner made Oliver's job a lot easier) he turned to the correspondents.

Samantha Bee, reporting from Detroit, mourned the fall of a once great institution, brought down by gross mismanagement. "But Detroit is resilient, it'll bounce back surely," Oliver countered. But Bee was actually talking about the Daily Show. "John, it took decades to bring Detroit to its knees, but you destroyed The Daily Show in, like, three months," Bee said. "I'd say I'm speaking truth to power, but you have no power. And whatever power you thought you had ends in about six minutes." Meanwhile, Jessica Williams reported from outside Paula Deen's house, looking for a job. "Because, let me be clear" Williams said, "I'd much rather work for an old lady whose admitted to throwing around the N-word than spend six more minutes working for you." 

Former Daily Show correspondent Wyatt Cenac made a guest appearance from the Moscow airport, and was slightly more positive. Oliver asked him how he'd been since leaving the show, and Cenac said things have been great. "I feel like a guy who had a ticket for the Titanic, but got on board and said 'You know, this doesn't feel right, I'm going to take a plane,'" Cenac said.

There was, however, one former correspondent who had good things to say. Former correspondent Rob Riggle dropped in to tell everyone to leave Oliver alone. "You're doing a hack of a job, buddy, and I'm proud of you," Riggle said. Oliver was touched. "Oh, Rob Riggle, thank you so much. Have you been watching the show this summer?" Oliver asked. "No," he admitted. "It's not really my thing. I'm more of a Wipeout guy. Now that's a show!" We have to disagree. In fact, we're sad to see Oliver go. We'll especially miss his Carlos Danger dance.


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