The 'Duck Dynasty' Clan Gets a Big Raise

Today in show business news: A&E is going to pay its money makers a little better, Interstellar gets under way, and Julie Delpy goes to work with Cate Blanchett. 

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The stars of A&E's crazy popular reality series Duck Dynasty, about a Louisiana family that's made something of a fortune with their duck hunting supply company, are going to get a little bit richer. According to Deadline, they're getting a 400-500 percent raise for the fourth season: "under the new agreement, the clan will earn more than $200,000 an episode, divvied up among the nine adults and 11 kids on the show." So, if they split that evenly they'll potentially take home $150,000 each, just for being themselves. Or some version of themselves. Quick, I need a wacky profession so I too can have a successful reality series and then maybe make enough to quit that wacky profession. Ditch digging? Would you people like to watch a show about ditch digging? It could be called Ditches 'n' Dollars or something. OK. It's settled. I'm pitching this. [Deadline]

Potentially exciting news: filming has begun on Christopher Nolan's next film, the mysterious Interstellar, which many think is about time travel. And possibly other dimensions. The first shooting location is Alberta, so maybe some of it takes place in the mountains? Or on the prairie? Who knows. Nolan's movies are always so secretive. But they're also usually lots of fun, right? I know the Batman movies got a little turgid and even nonsensical there at the end, and Inception doesn't exactly hold up to closer inspection, but his movies are always exciting the first time around. Plus, what a cast! Jessica Chastain, Matthew McConaughey, Michael Caine, Wes Bentley, John Lithgow, Casey Affleck, Ellen Burstyn and David Oyelowo are all in the movie. Quite a lineup. Oh, hm, and Anne Hathaway and Topher Grace, but whatevs. Happy filming, guys! [The Hollywood Reporter]

Julie Delpy has been hired to write the script for the HBO movie Cancer Vixen, set to star Cate Blanchett. What a duo! Imagine them doing press for the movie in some foreign city and then going to a cafe and having intelligent, graceful, witty conversation and everyone around them feeling jealous and maybe even a little sad. I hope I'm at that cafe. [Deadline]

Meaty Australian Joel Edgerton has been cast as Ramses in Ridley Scott's upcoming Exodus. Y'know, as in the Exodus story from The Bible? So he'll be Moses's brother (but not by blood) who's all sad and then mad when Moses, played by Christian Bale, figures out he's a Jew and that it's time to get his people the hell outta Egypt. So it's not exactly as dynamic a pairing as Ralph Fiennes and Val Kilmer, who played Ramses and Moses in the criminally underrated animated movie Prince of Egypt, but it'll do. Hopefully this is more Gladiator and less Kingdom of Heaven. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Here's a look at Frank Darabont's new TNT show Mob City, about Mickey Cohen and all those L.A. gangsters from the '40s. Y'know, the Gangster Squad folks. This show looks a little darker and more serious than that movie, though. And by darker I mean actually dark. Can you see anything in this trailer? Because I cannot. Someone tell TNT that it's great to go for prestige drama and all, but they can still keep a light or two on. Because sheesh. Anyway, the show premieres in December.

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