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Well, that was fast. Deadline is reporting that Donald Glover is developing a new show with FX, less than a month after news broke that he was cutting down his Community screen time to focus on his music career. Glover is set to write, executive produce and star in a show currently called Atlanta, set in the music scene of Glover's hometown. 

Last month, Glover, who plays Troy on NBC's cultishly beloved Community, announced that he would only appear in the first five episodes of the show's fifth, and probably final, season. Now that he's free of the commitment, he has time to work on this next project, which actually combines his two day jobs, acting and music. No word yet on the plot, but when a rapper who grew up in Atlanta says he's writing and staring in a show about the Atlanta music scene, it's not that hard to guess what the show might be about. 

On the one hand, it seems a little odd that he'd jump into a new project after so much talk about wanting to focus on Childish Gambino, his nom de rap. But on the other, according to Deadline part of what drew Glover to FX was the network's willingness to work around his touring schedule. So Glover can star in and write his own show and still gets to be a well-known, or at least somewhat known, rapper. And, hey, if you're the head honcho, who says you can't invite some old friends over to guest star? Troy and Abed reunited in Atlanta — sounds like the best of both worlds. 

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