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In an attempt to prove that Washington, D.C., is a place for food trendsetters and not simply hangers-on living in the shadow of New York City's gastronomic scene, bakers there have doubled down on the cronut craze and brought ice cream to a donut fight. "Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken is shilling doughnut ice cream sandwiches all week," reports The Washington Post's Maura Judkis. Judkis explains that there are two flavors—a passion-fruit donut with raspberry ice cream and chocolate donut with mocha ice cream filling. 

Both are obviously very good for you, much like the cronut and the ramen burger, those paragons of healthful eating. The mocha filling comes from Brooklyn Roasters, but don't let that take away from D.C.'s big foodie moment. Of bigger concern is the pastries' rather unseemly appearance:

But they are probably pretty tasty. These IceNuts (our name for the treats; isn't it pretty good?) just the latest attempt by foodies in The District to show they're hip to this New York City cronut craze. To be fair, these concoctions look better than the bootleg cronuts some bakeries are peddling. And unlike D.C.'s cupcake craze (they still like those things over there, even though pretentious foodies know that cupcakes are so 2000-and-late), it looks like these IceNuts are surfing right on the crest of the current craze for round, fried things.

And they're probably a good way to cool down on a humid Washington afternoon, even if they are a little messy. Moreover, these IceNuts are not even as unhealthy as some other donut-based treats you can find in the cradle of our nation's freedom.

And as the Daily Mail reports, Astro's bakers have borrowed from Dominique Ansel's cronut marketing strategy:

the donut ice-cream sandwiches are being sold in limited quantities for the remainder of the week. But if they prove popular, Astro is likely to keep making them.

So may the lines be long and the donuts greasy. And send us one, if you're so inclined. Our address is not so hard to find.


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