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America's tax code hasn't been reformed in a long, long time — 27 years to be exact. "To put that in perspective, the tax reform of 1986 happened the same year that this was happening," John Oliver said, cutting to a clip of Boy George and Cowboy George on the A-Team. "We haven't addressed this fundamental economic issue in any significant way since the days when Boy George could guest star on the A-Team," Oliver continued. "And, by the way, you couldn't get anymore 1980s than that if a Rubik's cube made love to a Nintendo entertainment system and gave birth to a VHS copy of Flashdance and then that copy of Flashdance was raised by Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson."

The tax code hasn't been reformed because politicians are afraid of incurring the wrath of different lobby groups. Even the media hasn't picked up the story much. Oliver tried to get the lowdown from correspondent Aasif Mandvi, but it turned out to be a little dangerous. "I don't think you realize how toxic tax reform is in Washington," Mandvi said. "To go anywhere near it you need some real, and pardon my French, cajones." Mandvi has, in his words, two pairs of cajones, and launched into reading off a list of lobby groups fighting tax reform. 

"I don't want to alarm you, but it would appear that you are being laser targeted," Oliver said. "Are you sure you want to keep going?" To which Mandvi replied "These sniper lasers are just here to intimidate me. I am on television, they're not going to do anything." Two tranquilizer darts later, Mandvi was down for the count, proving that you really shouldn't mess with taxes. 



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