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Bradley Cooper is probably going to be a producer on one of the many Lance Armstrong movies in the works, but it's unclear whether he'll actually play Armstrong or whether the other juicy role will tempt him.

Mike Fleming Jr. at Deadline reports that Cooper is in talks to produce the Warner Bros. Armstrong film, titled Red Blooded American, set to be directed by Jay Roach of Game Change fame. This is one of three dramatic films about Armstrong currently in the works, one of which has director Stephen Frears and star Ben Foster on board. But while we've long thought that Cooper—who will once again show off his dramatic chops in this year's American Hustle—would be a good Armstrong, Fleming reports that Cooper doesn't necessarily just have eyes for that role. Cooper is "looking to play one of the two major roles," one of which is obviously Armstrong, the other being Tyler Hamilton, the whistleblower who Armstrong proceeded to attack in his doping denial days. 

Hamilton may actually be the plum role here. Per an earlier Fleming report, Warner Bros. actually owns Hamilton's life rights, making Kevin Jagernauth at The Playlist surmise that it is the "meatier of the two roles." Perhaps it's an interest in Hamilton—who is more of a hero than the demonized Armstrong—that brought Cooper to the Roach film, despite reports that producer J.J. Abrams was chatting with him about starring in Paramount's Armstrong film . Or that had nothing to do with it. Cooper has indicated that he wants to tackle playing the man himself, after all.


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