Beyoncé Causes 90-Minute Wonder Wheel Nightmare

Today in celebrity gossip: A woman got stuck on a ferris wheel because of Beyoncé, Lindsay Lohan may have been asked to host SNL, and Clint Eastwood is a swingin' bachelor again. 

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Some poor lady who was afraid of heights was stuck on the Wonder Wheel ferris wheel on Coney Island last night for nearly an hour and a half because of Beyoncé. What happened was that Beyoncé was filming a music video there and was going to do some kind of something involving the Wonder Wheel. So a bunch of people were let off the ride but the woman, Dorris Hone, was left on the ride for nearly an hour and a half while Beyoncé had makeup done and whatnot. Hone was apparently screaming for someone to get her down, but "with all the crazed Beyoncé fans down below, no one could hear Hone’s screams," according to The New York Post. Yikes! That sounds like a real nightmare. I've been in that Wonder Wheel and it's a scary steel cage deathtrap when it's moving and you know you're on your way down. Stuck in it and screaming and no one hearing you? Terrible. Hone was eventually let off, photographed looking teary and scared as she gets off the ride. She told the Post, "Ironically, my son is a big fan of Beyoncé" and "It would be nice to get an apology from her." Well, Bey? Will you apologize? Or will you sigh and say, "An hour and a half? Honey, I've been stuck on a rollercoaster for 23 damn years."? It should be the former, but I kinda secretly hope it's the latter. [The New York Post]

Oh lord. Radar is rumoring that Lindsay Lohan, newly sober New Yorker, has been asked to host the season premiere of Saturday Night Live. Now this is just Radar, so we really have to put on our skepticism hats (tall, curly things with bells on the end), but if it's true, if the offer is real, should she do it? It could be a good way to prove herself lucid and present and confident again. But it could also be a big unfunny disaster that has everyone rolling their eyes at her all over again. It's a risk! I mean, hosting SNL is always a risk. There's a reason certain actors have never done it. Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts. They've never hosted! And probably for good reason. Not to put Lindsay Lohan in their ranks, but there is some commonly understood danger involved with the gig. So we'll have to see if thing actually materializes. Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan was an apparent no-show at the Venice Film Festival, where she was supposed to promote The Canyons. Um, hello, guys?? Oprah told her not to go to Europe! So she is not going to Europe! Sheesh. Don't you people watch TV? [Radar; The Hollywood Reporter]

After 17 years of marriage and one child together, Clint Eastwood and his second wife are splitting up. Some source says, "Clint fell out of love with Dina a long time ago." OK, well then it's probably a good thing to end the marriage, let each other find some happiness. But man. Getting divorced at 83 years old? What the hell do you do? The man's got seven children, so hopefully some of them are around to help him out and keep him company and whatnot, but still. An 83-year-old bachelor, starting life over. Should he get his own sitcom? I kind of feel like maybe he should. [Us Weekly]

That racist idiot Aaryn the Aryan was finally evicted from the Big Brother house last night, and during her post-elimination sit-down with host Julie Chen she made even more of a buffoon of herself. Chen of course asked her about all the terrible remarks about black and Asian people (and gay people!) she was caught saying, on tape, and Aaryn basically half-apologized and then said things were taken out of context, etc. (Someone taught idiots the phrase "taken out of context" a few years back and they have run amok with it. Thanks a lot, whoever did that. Probably the same person who taught bozos the phrase "the media.") Following that eye-roller, Chen read back some specific quotes and Aaryn sorta shrank into herself and said she didn't remember saying those things, as if that was enough to make them have not happened, as if hiding behind a street sign makes you invisible. The audience laughed at her audacity and she then said things like "If I said that.." or "If I offended..." and it was all embarrassing for her, very very embarrassing. That's all. She's a dope. And awful. And her brush with fame is now completely over. Goodbye, terrible lady. [TMZ]

Fergie and Josh Duhamel had a kid and named it Axl. Many people are saying that they chose that name because Fergie really likes Guns 'N Roses. Which, fine.  Guns 'N Roses are great. But, y'know, I really like The Frames but I'm not naming my kid Glen. I love Fleetwood Mac but no one in my house is gonna be named Stevie. (Maybe McVie? McVie Lawson? McVie Garfield-Lawson? It has a good ring to it.) Oh well. Good for them. Axl Duhamel. He'll either become a rock star or an international supervillain. [Us Weekly]

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