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Chef, Parts Unknown host and crime novelist Anthony Bourdain has set aside his spatula for his pen once again. The next issue of Lucky Peach, a quarterly food writing journal, will feature a Bourdain short story. Fittingly, it's the gender and sex issue, and there are two versions of the cover featured foods shaped like genitalia. Here's the full issue synopsis, from Lucky Peach's tumblr

Betwixt these two covers we fumble with issues of gender like unsure 8th graders cautiously groping each other in the sparkle of a disco ball as a slow jam plays at the school dance. Ben Shewry talks about being a dad. Alice Waters talks about being a chef. Bourdain drops some lovely fiction. A lady named Poochie uses a lot of strong language. Sequential hermaphroditism is discussed.

It's easy to forget that Bourdain's writing career stretches into the fiction realm. Just last year he released Get Jiro!, a graphic novel set "a not-too-distant future of food obsessed L.A., where master chefs rule the town like crime lords and people literally kill for a seat at the best restaurant." Then there's his hyper masculne book line at HarperCollins, which includes a guide to Texas barbeque called Prophets of Smoked Meat. And please, let's never, ever forget the three thrillers he wrote in the late 90s/early 00s. Has the chef-turned-thriller-writer genre produced anything as wonderful as Bone In the Throat? No.

And if you're not titillated by the prospect of new Anthony Bourdain fiction, the issue will also feature "essays about gay cooking in America, the lasting cultural impact of Three’s Company’s Jack Tripper, and the food of bachelor mountain ascents," according to McSweeney's, co-creators of the magazine. The issue will be available September 13.

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