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Amazon rolled out its new fine art section on Wednesday, allowing you to purchase a Dalí masterpiece for a cool $78,500 with one click. The online store also features Warhols, Chagalls, and Hirsts mixed in with some lower-priced, living room options. And, wouldn't you know it, people have already found a way to skewer this new venture, offering commentary on art treasures and thereby turning the site into a freewheeling art-review forum.

One commenter on a Warhol screenprint of a Campbell's Soup can ($24,950 plus $350 shipping): "It's really overpriced. I was able to print one from Google for way less." A fair point, you have to admit.

And another on Monet's 1968 portrait of his son Jean (amazingly, someone already bought it): "Pros: Looks good above my toilet." We bet it does.

And one on Norman Rockwell's Willie Gillis ($4,850,000 with free shipping!): "It was only slightly over anticipated budget . . . Loved the free shipping." That's funny because, you know, it just is.

Patricia Cohen over at The New York Times noted that Amazon customers "are as willing to offer their opinions on a $1.45 million oil painting by the Impressionist master Claude Monet as they are of the $2.74 Hutzler 571 banana slicer."

Well, that is the Internet. Of course, all these reviews pale in comparison to the 2,500 Amazon reviews of the three-wolf t-shirt, which has inspired enough sarcasm for both this universe and the next. 


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