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Today in show business news: Ridley Scott takes Jesse Pinkman back in time, Demi Lovato is switching teams, and another look at the unfortunate new Carrie remake.

Ridley Scott is continuing casting for his big Jews-leaving-Egypt epic Exodus and, considering he's already cast Christian Bale as Moses and Joel Edgerton as pharaoh Ramses, he figured he'd keep casting, um, without an eye toward ethnicity, let's say. He's just enlisted Sigourney Weaver to play Ramses's mother, John Turturro as his father, and, perhaps funniest of all, Aaron Paul as Joshua, "the Hebrew slave who leads the people into the promised land after Moses." Ha. OK. It should be interesting to see Paul in that mode, all be-sworded and be-sandaled, yelling mightily in the desert. I suppose he's used to yelling in the desert, but about grubby stuff in Albuquerque, not the liberation of an entire people thousands of years ago. So this should be something. Something new, something different. Something silly? Yes, probably something pretty silly. [Deadline]

Demi Lovato has been cast in a Glee guest arc, we knew this. What we did not know, until today, is that she will be playing the love interest of Naya Rivera's character, Santana. How interesting! A little Disney princess playing a lesbian. Would ever have thought that— Wait, no. Raven-Symonè came out as a real lesbian earlier this summer. And of course Miley Cyrus did a thing on Sunday night that was all sexual. So as far as Disney princesses all grown up, this new rates pretty low, I guess. Ah well. [Vulture]

Here's a sentence you probably never thought you'd read: "Breckin Meyer is establishing himself as an in-demand series creator." Yes. Apparently that has happened. The Franklin & Bash star (gotta love that Franklin & Bash) created the TBS sitcom Men At Work and now he's just gotten a script order from NBC for a show called Thursdays. The new show is about, "a group of male friends and a weekly Thursday guys dinner that has become a tradition in their busy, chaotic lives." Oh. I... See. That sounds... wonderful. A guys dinner. Meanwhile, Men at Work is about "the misadventures of four buddies who work together at a magazine," according to IMDb. So... Breckin Meyer really likes shows about groups of guys hangin' out. That's pretty much exclusively what Breckin Meyer wants to make when it comesTV shows. Fair enough. Different strokes for different folks. Maybe there's a third show in the works? "I'm building a trilogy, or a triptych I guess you could say, all about how men in America hang out. How do men hang out? That's what I'm looking to explore in my work." [Deadline]

Oh good grief. Here is another trailer for the completely unnecessary Carrie remake, which has our hero smirking about her magical powers and making her bed levitate and all that. It all seems very modern, especially that Chloe Grace Moretz, who just is not right for this part. Neither is Julianne Moore, really. I think we should sit down and have a chat with Julianne Moore's agent, to be honest. And Stephen King's too? Well, I guess he sold these rights years ago, plus he doesn't have the greatest taste in movies. Still. Ugh. But, enough complaining. Watch for yourself and decided. (But decide correctly.)

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