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Aaron Paul, a.k.a Jesse Pinkman from 'Breaking Bad,' did a Reddit AMA on Tuesday night where, among other things, some fans were able to fulfill their greatest dreams by having Aaron Paul call them a "bitch."

And in case it wasn't clear before, Paul made it obvious that he's a huge fan of 'Breaking Bad,' too. Here are some of the best exchanges from the AMA. 

First, here's Paul's answer to a Reddit user who (a former meth user himself) wanted to know about the actor's preparation for the role: 

Paul talked about his favorite scenes from the show: 

And the most emotionally difficult: 

And that time he got injured during the scene where Tuco beat him up (turns out, the actor actually beat him up, by accident): 

About his co-star Bryan Cranston: 

And about whether he thinks he'll be able to escape the character of Jesse Pinkman: 

And about almost getting kicked out of a Radiohead concert

He's pretty sure we'll all be happy with the way the show ends: 

He went back and edited an answer to highlight his crush on Jessica Lange: 

Paul even talked about his (pretty amazing) appearance on the Price is Right: 

Here's the context: 

Read the whole thing over at Reddit.  

Update: The AMA, it turns out, was in part a way for the actor to support his wife's charity campaign, the Kind Campaign. He apparently called one of the Redditors on the phone who asked him about it: 

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