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Just before returning to the Yankees in the midst of his suspension announcement Monday, Alex Rodriguez told reporters that he definitely, definitely had something to prove tonight against the White Sox.

A-Rod, in a press conference, said that he wanted to "prove to the Yankees and fans that I still have a shot to play the game at a high level. And I will do my best." He added, "I am fighting for my life." Rodriguez had a chance to play tonight because his suspension doesn't begin until Thursday. He will also appeal the MLB's decision. 

Here's how the crowd responded: 

And, video: 

Though obviously there are dissenters: 

His debut hit was underwhelming, a single to left field: 

And it looks like a lot of people showed up in Chicago to see and boo A-Rod's game tonight: the White Sox sold an extra 2,500 tickets since the announcement that he was in. 


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