Your Grandma Probably Isn't a Fan of Action Bronson

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Perhaps because in-studio performances can be so terribly unexciting, the kind folks over at Noisey have managed to film Queens gourmet chef-turned-underground rap star Action Bronson performing well outside his comfort zone: namely, at a retirement center in London. 

The smiling grandmothers of St. Hilda's were not, unfortunately, particularly taken by Bronson's "Strictly 4 My Jeeps," which is rife with lyrics about coke, sex, and consuming steaks "off a gold plate, stoned, listening to Coldplay" (video below). They're filmed putting their fingers in their ears, eyebrows raised disapprovingly—but they do seem to be entertained. "I'm not against youngsters doing their 'rapping,' but I cannot understand words when they're going too fast," critiques one woman. "He's quite handsome," says another. It's worth it for the shot of their agenda for the day: "Name The Exotic Fruit," "The Big Knit," "Wear a Hat Tell a Story," and "Action Bronson Live."

Consider it an entry in the short list of strangest venues where a major artist has performed—just next to Sigur Ros, who once performed in an abandoned fish factory; Fatboy Slim, who DJed at the British House of Commons; and Pink Floyd, who famously gigged at the ancient Roman ampitheater in Pompeii. We look forward to seeing Kanye West entertain a maternity ward next month.

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