When Obama and Bachmann Agree, 'The Daily Show' Worries

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John Oliver witnessed one of the rarest sites in nature last night, as Republicans and Democrats worked together to try to divest the NSA of spying funds. "What you're about to witness has never been caught on camera before," he said as he pulled out a pair of binoculars. "Democrats and Republicans, both natural predators, feasting on the same talking point."

Of course, where there's a bipartisan movement for something, there's bound to be one to fight it. Prominent Democrats and Republicans want to keep the NSA spying program alive and funded, including President Obama and, surprisingly, Michelle Bachmann. Bachmann told Congress members that there's been a lot of misinformation regarding NSA spying, and that we should "deal in reality, not false narratives." After airing a clip reel of Bachmann's various false narratives — including her comments on vaccines causing "mental retardation" and the absence of studies claiming carbon dioxide is a dangerous gas — Oliver had this warning for the President: "You know, Mr. President, when Michelle Bachmann is on your side, you may want to look at the side that you are on. She is the canary in the crazy mine. I myself wear a bracelet every day that reads 'What wouldn't Michelle Bachmann do?'" Are those bracelets still on sale?


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