Find Out What Kind of Reader You Are

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Book readers come in all shapes and sizes (we've established this ... twice). But it appears that the only thing book readers might love more than reading their beloved books is trying to figure out what kind of reader they are — and there are more reader-types than we even imagined. Our contributor Jen Doll figured out last year (twice) that there myriad types of readers out there, from Sleepy Bedtime Readers to Hate Readers, not to mention so many others in between. And though she did a pretty damn good job in detailing the various readerly archetypes, it's hard to compete with this expansive infographic by Laura E. Kelley, a consultant for authors. 

Kelley is apparently determined to give readers a Myers-Briggs-esque rubric to determine what kind of species or type of reader they are. The rubric — which purports to be "the Linnaean hierarchy of Readers — is below. We hope you find your place in it.

What Species of Reader Are You?--Infographic

Inforgraphic by Laura E. Kelly. 

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