Liam Gallagher Fathered a Love Child; Now Come the Lawsuits

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In the wrinkles of the very serious newspaper called The New York Times, you will find that there are journalists who are paid to hang out with celebrities for features like "A Night Out With" (which used to be regular in the Styles Section but no longer runs). Enter Liza Ghorbani, one of these Times journalists, and her lawsuit against Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher, whom she accompanied for one night for an article back in 2010.

The New York Post revealed Ghorbani's identity yesterday after reporting the lawsuit on Wednesday. "Liza met Liam when she interviewed him for the Times and they began an affair. It continued until around three months after the birth of the child," The Post's source said. The tabloid reports that Ghorbani's child was born seven months ago.

In light of these these revelations, Gallagher is threatening legal action against The PostThe Guardian reports, though no lawsuit has been filed so far. Meanwhile — and yes, we know this is getting complicated — Ghorbani's suit against Gallagher is proceeding. "Liza isn’t after millions of dollars, she is simply seeking child support and no amount has yet been set," the Post's source said.

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But, obviously, the main question here—neither Ghorbani or Gallagher is speaking to reporters— is if there was any hint that Ghorbani and Gallagher had feelings for each and whether those feelings manifested themselves in that now-infamous Times story.

Back then, Ghorbani followed Gallagher to the Ritz-Carlton, where they chatted about his new fashion line. If you, reader, are looking for sexual tension, this passage about sauntering and comparisons to Ray Davies is about as saucy as it gets: 

Sauntering along Central Park West, Liam Gallagher looked as if he’d just stepped off Carnaby Street in London circa 1969. Turned out in a black velvet jacket with an upturned collar, skinny scarf around his neck and hair combed forward all modlike, the former Oasis frontman would have fit in well alongside Brian Jones and Ray Davies in their heyday.

This exchange about Gallagher's clothing line and him not being a beggar but, rather, a chooser, may have been the clincher that wooed Ghorbani: 

"I don’t want just anybody wearing it," said Mr. Gallagher, who won’t put his name on any item of clothing that he himself would not wear. "And people go, ‘Oh, beggars can’t be choosers.’ Well, I ain’t a beggar, you know what I mean?" he said.

Charming chap, that Liam Gallagher.


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