Spitzer and Weiner Are the Gifts That Keep On Giving for 'The Daily Show'

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Two sexually scandalous politicians staging comebacks at the same time was too good for the Daily Show to pass up. As Eliot Spitzer starts up his "Hugh Grant memorial" apology tour, John Oliver noted Spitzer's self-proclaimed commitment to accountability, the same commitment that led him to resign: "Yes, that really does explain perfectly how important accountability is to Eliot Spitzer, because he resigned the moment he got caught. As soon as he realized that other people had realized he was doing something wrong, he expected the consequences."

The real magic of New York City's Comptroller race, however, is that Spitzer is supposedly running against his madam. "It shows just how strange this campaign is that in the race to decide who'd be best suited to make financial decisions for New York City, the serious candidate is the guy who spent $4,000 for one session with a hooker rather than the woman who figured out that he would pay it."

But The Daily Show didn't forget New York's other disgraced politician, Antony Weiner, "the man whose name is so perfect for the scandal he was caught up in that it rekindled my faith in God." Oliver offered up a new take on the I Heart NY shirt, with Weiner's infamous photo replacing the heart. And Oliver's right—knowing the internet, that shirt could very well already be on sale by a street vendor.


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