Selena Gomez Receives the Gift of Justin Bieber for Her Birthday

Today in celebrity gossip: America's #1 boy prince presented himself to Selena Gomez for her birthday; Jennifer Aniston broke her toe on Justin Theroux; and Miley Cyrus is very tired.

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Today in celebrity gossip: America's #1 boy prince presented himself to Selena Gomez for her birthday; Jennifer Aniston broke her toe on Justin Theroux; and Miley Cyrus is very tired.

Some say love, it is a river... something, something... a rose. That is a classic song lyric by Bette Midler but also a true story about what happened this weekend when Justin Bieber made a surprise appearance at ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez's third 21st birthday celebration! That's right, America's answer to Kate and William reunited if only fleetingly at a star-studded Malibu beach party attended by such current young Hollywood luminaries as Gomez's Spring Breakers co-star Ashley Benson, the Hough siblings, Teen Wolf's Dylan O'Brien, The Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev, and our generation's Sidney Poitier, Jaden Smith. If you don't know who any of these people are, then please get out of my room, Mom!!! So anyway, Us Weekly reports that Bieber took a day off from his tour to fly in specially for the gypsy-themed soiree and arrived with only a single red rose in his hand and an undying heartspark in his ribcage. He left, however, with nothing less than Selena Gomez herself, the two of them cloaked, escorted, and protected from paparazzi by none other than Jaden Smith. It's unclear whether this turn of events portends the start of something beautiful or the end of something horrible, but at least the concept of love has been once again affirmed. [Us Weekly]

Jennifer Aniston needs to watch out! First of all, she broke her toe on Justin Theroux. Backstory: Much like their younger counterparts Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, Aniston and Theroux were a hot item, then seemingly broke up, and now seem to be back on. But more importantly, Jennifer Aniston broke her toe on Justin Theroux. Although the sinewy hunk weighs somewhere in the double digits, he wears boots big enough to break the toes of women he's engaged to marry, and that's exactly what happened. For her part, Aniston apparently declined to move her toe out from under Theroux's boot, so it's hard to say who was most at fault in this situation. The second thing that Jennifer Aniston needs to watch out about: She may run into Brad Pitt at the Toronto International Film Festival this September! It's obviously been awhile since their legal divorce (and subsequent "voodoo divorce" performed by Angelina Jolie's personal sorceress in the alleyway behind Aniston's Mar Vista condo), but celebrity circles run small and perhaps a face-to-face was inevitable. This year both actors have movies premiering at the festival--Aniston's Life of Crime and Pitt's 12 Years a Slave--and both currently have identical hairstyles, so there's a very real chance they may run into each other at the salon as well. You know, both sitting under those big blower machines, catching eyes, wondering whether they should pretend they don't see the other, or maybe just suck it up and say hi. Pitt doing his best not to accidentally flex or mention his kids. Aniston furtively hiding her bruised and broken toes from sight. Anything could happen. Watch out, Jennifer Aniston! [E! OnlineUs Weekly]

It's Monday so you're probably exhausted. It's like, can we get a weekend to recover from that weekend, LOL? But seriously, we're all tired, all of us. You know who else is tired? Young celebrities. So here's a quick round-up of the varying levels of exhaustion young celebrities are currently dealing with: First of all, Miley Cyrus is tired as hell. Last week, the erstwhile Hannah Montana and current Fox News boogeyman accidentally tweeted what appeared to be a private text message to a close friend stating "Been crying myself to sleep. Taking a [Xanax] trying to pass out.” While RadarOnline seemed up in arms about Cyrus' casual use of anti-anxiety medication, let's not forget that Cyrus' busy touring schedule and nonstop travel frequently keeps her from spooning with Liam Hemsworth, so can any of us blame her for feeling miserable? No, we cannot. [Radar]

Also exhausted are former Harry Styles girlfriend Taylor Swift and current Harry Styles bro-friend Ed Sheeran who spent the Sunday after a concert in Westerly, MA, paddleboarding in their bikinis! Well, Swift wore a bikini; there's no way to tell what Sheehan's got going on under that wetsuit except probably a sunburn. They do appear to be having fun out there on the water, possibly exchanging stories about Harry Styles getting into affectionate spats with fellow One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson while shopping together at Ikea. But let's be real: Paddleboarding is HARD. Radar doesn't mention it, but it's safe to assume both Swift and Sheeran were nauseous from the exertion and spent the remainder of Sunday moaning from stiffness. Or maybe they made out? Just kidding, Sheeran's not that famous. [Radar]

Unlike the above listed, young, very tired celebrities, Emma Roberts and Evan Peters do not seem very tired! Despite a troubling incident two weeks ago during which Julia Roberts' niece was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence toward Peters, the pair seem to be happy, smiley, and back to work on the new season of American Horror StoryUs Weekly has paparazzi photos of the blonde couple enjoying their lunch breaks looking very much unlike the kinds of crazy kids who might try to beat each other up in hotel rooms. Or, maybe they are definitely those things and are now simply masking a very terrible situation? Is this a good place to discuss our complicity in looking the other way when there are warning signs of potentially harmful relationships? Haha just kidding, get real. But seriously, Emma Roberts and Evan Peters are a very adorable couple. Fingers-crossed that things remain okay! [Us Weekly]

Lady Gaga would like to remind you that she is super into art. Like, so much art. All of it, basically. If it's art, Lady Gaga was to be in, on, or around it. That's why her upcoming album is called ARTPOP (which, as the all-caps spelling implies, must always be shouted) and that's also why her recent visit to Long Island performance art mecca Watermill Center was completely in keeping with her image. Gaga not only arrived alongside famed performance artist Marina Abramovic and hobnobbed with Winona Ryder, Jay McInerney, Cindy Sherman, and Alan Cumming, she also participated in certain performances. During one piece, Lady Gaga allegedly reached a plastic spoon between the legs of a woman lying in a blood-filled casket and slurped it up, just slurped it right up. Also, as Page Six reports, Lady Gaga became suddenly startled by another performer who “ran at her, but was then restrained by these rubber bungee straps and fell into a pile of dirt, and was clawing at the dirt.” (Performance art is the best.) Yes, a lot went down at this 20th anniversary benefit, but it wasn't enough to keep Lady Gaga from returning to her funky loft and making tons of pipe cleaner crafts. We're talking pom-poms, hot glue, a fair amount of papier mache. Lady Gaga IS art and cannot be stopped. [Page Six]

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