The 'Saving Mr. Banks' Trailer Is Kind Of Just a Long Disney Ad

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For people who love love love Disney — Disneyland, DisneyWorld, Disney Channel, Disney movies, Disney princesses, Disney resorts, etc. — what could be better than a Disney movie about Walt Disney making one of the best (mostly) live-action Disney movies in the company's history, Mary Poppins? For the rest of us, the Saving Mr. Banks trailer is reminiscent of the The Internship/Google debacle. After Walt Disney (played by Tom Hanks, the most trusted person in America) takes his second or third trip to Disneyland, you start to wonder — does Disney want you to buy a ticket to the movie or the theme park?

Banks pits Hank's Disney against Mary Poppins's notorious protective author P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson) as Disney attempts to adapt the story into the 1964 film. Disney charmingly puts up with Travers's laundry list of suggestions and corrections: no making up words in songs, no cavorting and no twinkling, etc. About halfway through the trailer, a secretary tells Disney that Travers won't approve Dick Van Dyke. As wonderful as the film ended up being, that's one objection she should have stuck to. If she had, an entire generation wouldn't have grown up thinking Brits sound like that.

But the heartwarming core of this tale, and their creative differences, is the fact that Mary Poppins is really about a real-life nanny who saved Travers's father. Once Walt figures that out, he's golden. Saving Mr. Banks comes out December 13th, just in time for all you Disney fans to watch it a dozen times before Christmas. Here's the full trailer:

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