Rosamund Pike Will Be the 'Gone Girl' Lead

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When it was reported last week that Rosamund Pike was the front runner for the lead in the highly anticipated adaptation of Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl we thought that seemed like a pretty good idea, and now, good news, it's official. The British actress has been offered her big break in the part of the wily not-what-she-seems Amy, according to Tatiana Siegel of The Hollywood Reporter

This will be a big test for Pike, who can be seen in the upcoming comedy The World's End. She's a lovely actress but has mostly been relegated to girlfriend or supporting parts in movies both good (Pride & Prejudice) and bad (Wrath of the Titans). Without giving away too much, Amy is definitely not a slight part. At least in the book, a turn midway through—again, trying to stay spoiler-free—would require an actress to essentially transform. 

With Ben Affleck playing Amy's husband Nick, clearly director David Fincher wasn't concerned with having a box office draw in the role of Amy. Now, Fincher, what's this about Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry in supporting roles? Even having read the book we can't quite place those actors in this film. 

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