'Ray Donovan' Could Be a Bona Fide Hit

Today in show business news: Showtime has a new success on its hands (so far), good news for a particular set of Nashville fans, and two new trailers for romantic indies.

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Showtime's new Boston-goes-to-LA family crime drama Ray Donovan, a slightly sleazy but still captivating show, actually managed to rise in the ratings from week one to week two. Deadline reports that that's the first time a new drama has done that on the network. Way to go, Ray Donnie! Of course this is only week two, so no one should be buying boats or condos on Fort Point Channel just yet, but if the trend continues, this could be Showtime's next big show. Or at least next reasonably popular show. It still had a million fewer viewers than Dexter, so. Homeland it ain't. But it's still something. Dammit, Donnie. Ya something. [Deadline]

Fans of gay cowboys, or at least gay country singers, rejoice. The producers of ABC's Nashville have promoted former bitch-punching Orange County resident Chris Carmack to a series regular. Carmack plays a closeted country singer who made an ill-advised drunken pass at the show's soulful heartthrob, who had a not very soulful or heartthrob-y reaction. Oh well, I'm sure he'll come around. Not in a romance-y way, but at least in a good buddy sense. What this does potentially mean is that Carmack's character will get a real love interest, which would be interesting! Always interesting to see Chris Carmack... doin' that. ANYWAY, they also made the two little girls who play Connie Britton's daughters regulars. So. OK. Whatever. Kids. Bah. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Here is a trailer for The Lifeguard, an indie starring Kristen Bell that has basically the same premise as last year's Hello I Must Be Going. Meaning, they're both about a woman in her 30s (well, in The Lifeguard's case 29) who moves back home to her parents' house and starts boffing a young dude. Which is fine! There can be two of those movies. Plenty of room in that territory. This Lifeguard looks pretty good — Kristen Bell is likable and it's nice to see her in a more serious vein here. Plus the supporting cast is strong — Mamie Gummer, Martin Starr, dear sweet Amy Madigan. I don't know. It looks nice, right? I think it looks nice.

Speaking of movies that look, y'know, nice, here's the trailer for Austenland, a comedy starring Keri Russell as a Jane Austen-obsessed lady who travels to England to stay at an Austen-themed role-play hotel. Huh. What a concept. She's joined by Jennifer Coolidge, Flight of the Conchords' Bret McKenzie (fun to see him in a romantic role), and Jane Seymour as the hotel's owner. Oh and there's JJ Feild as the Mr. Darcy of the place, all clipped and British and uptight and even though Keri Russell thinks she wants to be with him, of course she really wants to be with Bret McKenzie. He's the George to her Emma, perhaps. Anyway, it looks cute, right? Very silly, but kinda... well, nice.

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