Obama Will Say Goodbye to Jay Leno

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Press Secretary Jay Carney announced President Obama will appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno next week to talk about the economy and jobs, which sounds about as hilarious as Jay Leno. It's a classic Obama move, talking to "soft media," but to give credit where it's due: he did just give an interview to The New York Times.

President Obama will head west for Arizona on August 6, where he'll give a speech about the economy that afternoon. From there he'll head to the Tonight studio in Burbank, California to tape his sixth interview with Leno. The Hollywood Reporter points out it's the president's first appearance on The Tonight Show since last October, and plenty has happened since then! Like, for instance, winning a second term in office. It will also likely be his last interview with Leno before the show packs up for New York and moves on to a younger, snappier host around February. The President's schedule is pretty full as is, traveling all the way to Burbank doesn't happen every day. 

But it also another Obama interview with a less-than-hard-hitting source asking the questions. He's been criticized in the past for hitting spots like The Daily Show and The View more often than, say, the Times. But critics attack him for that this considering Obama appeared in the paper last weekend. That said, he also noticeably wasn't asked about leaks, the NSA, or Edward Snowden. 

You think Leno will ask him about that stuff?

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