The Next Bond Movie Will Look Like the Last Bond Movie

Today in show business news: James Bond is teaming up with Sam Mendes again, Betty White has a setback, and Christian Bale goes gritty again. 

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It was confirmed today that Skyfall director Sam Mendes will be back to direct the next James Bond movie. Supposedly the movie will be the first of a two-part story, but there's no word on whether Mendes will be doing the second one. I'm sure that Sony hopes that he will, given that Skyfall grossed over a billion dollars, making it the eighth highest-grossing film of all time. Who would have thought that the director of sensitive feelings-gunk like American Beauty would later go on to be a blockbuster action movie director. Maybe Lasse Hallström should direct the next Die Hard ? Could Joe Wright do a Tomb Raider movie or something? And conversely, maybe beleaguered Gore Verbinski could snap up some Richard LaGravenese script and reinvent himself as a tasteful mainstream awards-bait guy? Let's change the paradigms, man! Anyway, Skyfall 2: Before Skyrise will be in American theaters in November of 2015. Which, ha, we're all gonna be floating in the sea by then. Oh well. [Deadline]

On the completely opposite end of entertainment news, NBC has decided to cancel Betty White's prank show Betty White's Off Their Rockers. The show, which saw old people pullin' goofs on young folk, lasted two seasons. Which is a pretty good run for a show about that. I mean how long is a show about the elderly sneakin' gags on kids really going to last? I think two seasons is pretty good. Go home, old people, have a rest. And then if you want to prank some young people, go ahead and prank 'em. There doesn't need to be cameras. Just go do it. (Full disclosure: A friend of mine was once pranked on Off Their Rockers. I'm sure the Atlantic Media legal department would like me to be upfront about that.) [Variety]

Carla Gugino has been cast in Wayward Pines, the "event series" that M. Night Shyamalan is doing for Fox. She'll play a Secret Service agent who used to be partners with Matt Dillon's character, who is still a Secret Service agent. The series is about a weird town where weird things happen. Is one of the weird things a dome? Because if there's not a dome on this series I'm not really sure I want to watch it. I'm pretty strictly into dome-related TV shows these days. "No dome? No dice." That's my motto. So, get on that Shyamalan. Make sure there's a dome. There has to be a dome. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Click through the link here to see an amaaaazing clip of Cate Blanchett having an emotional freakout in the new Woody Allen movie Blue Jasmine. I mean is there anything better than Cate Blanchett doing things? I just don't think there is. Especially when she plays a tightly wound WASPy American lady. Meredith Logue and now Blue Jasmine. More please. More! [Entertainment Weekly]

And here is a trailer for Christian Bale in a hill-country crime drama called Out of the Furnace, about two brothers (the other one is Casey Affleck), one of whom gets in trouble and needs his brother to get him out of it. I don't know if he's in an actual furnace, but judging from the trailer it doesn't look like it. I don't see a furnace anywhere, but who knows. There could be a furnace! What we do know for sure is that there's Zoe Saldana, Woody Harrelson, Sam Shepard, and Forest Whitaker.

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