The New Coen Brothers Trailer Goes All Mumford & Sons on 'O Brother' 2.0

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If there's any one movie this coming Oscar season that's already, definitely, unabashedly worth anticipating, is is perhaps the Coen brothers' latest: Inside Llewyn Davis. The film, highly praised at Cannes, has a prime awards season release date on December 6, and now a new trailer featuring some music to intrigue. 

This first full look is, in a way, sadder than what we've seen before, and yet it's still peppered with the Coens' distinctive wry humor—much of that thanks to John Goodman's jazz musician—and bursts of violence. But still: We see more of the failures of the Coens' titular folk singer played by Oscar Isaac, who goads Carey Mulligan's character, calling her ideas "square," and looks downcast when another character asks him, "How you doing, kid?" 

But the music here is definitely what's most intriguingly new about this trailer. Whereas earlier trailers featured Bob Dylan's "Farewell," the new trailer features "Fare Thee Well (Dink's Song)."  As far as we can tell the traditional song is sung in part by Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons, who is serving as the associate music producer on the film. Mumford—who is married to Mulligan—is associate to legendary music producer T. Bone Burnett. What the Coens, Mumford, and Burnett are clearly hoping to do with the film is replicate in some form or another the impact of the soundtrack for O Brother, Where Art Though?, also a Coen-Burnett collaboration, which turned bluegrass best-seller. Even Inside Llewyn Davis music shows are in the works.

The recently released tracklisting from Inside Llewyn Davis features Mumford and Isaac collaborating on "Fare Thee Well," performances from other cast members (including Justin Timberlake), and collaborations with current folk musicians like the Punch Brothers. We encourage you to leave your Mumford-hate at the door, because this looks great. 

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