New 'Homeland' Teaser Promises a Whole Lot of Brody

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A new teaser trailer is out for the third season of Homeland, and—even though it only features voiceovers—it sure makes it seem like this season will be Brody-centric. Of course, war hero-turned-terrorist Nicholas Brody (played by Damian Lewis) has always been the second lead behind Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes), but after  — spoilers for late-comers follow — he was fingered in the attack at the end of the second season, it was unclear how big a role he would have in the third. Judging by the new teaser, viewers will be thinking about Brody and his whereabouts and what he's doing in those whereabouts a lot this season. The teaser, sadly, doesn't even feature Carrie's voice. 

Here are some of the key pieces of dialogue we hear and what we think they mean.

"We don't know where he is" after someone asks, "Brody?" Saul's voice comes in to explain how his whereabouts are unknown. The hunt for wherever the hell Brody is will be a major focus of that season. Saul seems tired. We're always worried about Saul. Save Saul. 

"Does Carrie know I'm here?" Okay, so Brody is somewhere—it's unclear where—and is asking after Carrie. Does he want her to know where he is? It's not really clear. It's never really clear with Brody. Maybe he's still a terrorist. It seemed like they were pretty love-y dove-y at the end of last season, so what would have caused this disconnect? (You know, other than the fact that Brody is the subject of an international manhunt.)

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"Just need to get my strength back." Being on the run takes a lot out of a guy. Even Brody. 

"He'll/They'll help me I'm a Muslim." We couldn't really discern the first word in this phrase, but it does seem like Brody is trying to get somewhere where the religion he converted to while under the influence of Abu Nazir could help him. YouTube comment claims the Arabic at the end of the video means: "I am a Muslim lost in this me come clean again." Just where is Brody going for sanctuary? And what does this mean for his, you know, not being a terrorist?

Ugh. We have to wait until September 29 before the show actually premieres. Hopefully by then we'll have a teaser that isn't such a tease.

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