Melissa McCarthy Might Be the Female James Bond

Today in showbiz news: Melissa McCarthy may be a silver screen secret agent, James McEvoy is Frankenstein, Pawnee meets Heidi Klum and more.

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Today in showbiz news: Melissa McCarthy may be a silver screen secret agent, James McEvoy is Frankenstein, Pawnee meets Heidi Klum and more.

Melissa McCarthy has had a fairly diverse acting career. She's been a Boston cop, bridesmaid, Lorelai Gilmore's BFF, and identity thief, but now she is close to adding another role to her repertoire: spy. McCarthy is in discussions to reunite with her Bridemaids and The Heat director Paul Feig on Susan Cooper, described as "a realistic comedy about a female James Bond-type" tonally akin to The Heat. Isn't "realistic spy comedy" kind of an oxymoron? Real-world espionage doesn't really seem like a barrel of laughs, so maybe let's just say "spy comedy." [The Wrap]

Here is another Gravity clip with Melissa McCarthy's co-star from The Heat, Sandra Bullock, in case those clips from yesterday did not make you anxious enough. It seems this movie is going to do for commercial space travel what Jaws did for beaches or Contagion did for OCD people.

People confusing Frankenstein and Frankenstein's monster might once again crack the top 25 biggest frustrations for English majors. In recent years, the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey and Twilight and the absence of professional copy editing in online media have sidelined Frankenstein-Frankenstein's monster concerns, but it may be on its way for a comeback as Fox is making a new Frankenstein movie, and they chose James McAvoy—currently starring in the studio's X-Men films—to play the titular character. He is joining Daniel Radcliffe, who is already on board to play Igor. No word yet on whether the film will contain heavy-handed dialogue explicitly explaining the difference between Frankenstein and his monster, nor is there any indication on whether Frankenstein will be a real person or CGI. Maybe Justin Bieber should be Frankenstein—his career trajectory is kind of a Frankenstein story. Bieber was groomed to be an innocent pop star, and after he legally became an adult, everything went awry and he became an insufferable brat. Monster Frankenbieber sounds like a good way to rope in the teen demo. [Deadline]

The season premiere of Parks & Recreation should be pretty interesting. Leslie Knope and friends will meet Heidi Klum, who is playing a mayor of a small Danish town, in a one-hour episode set in London. In the episode, Knope and Klum's character are both recipients of an international award honoring women serving in government, and the two come into conflict when Knope realizes Klum's character is much more beloved in her hometown than Knope is in Pawnee. Just imagining Ron Swanson immersing himself in the United Kingdom is enough to make a person's day. [EW]

While Tobey Maguire has been unsuccessful in escaping the shadow of Spider-Man, current Spider-Man Andrew Garfield is trying break out from Spidey's web. Garfield has signed up to star in the 99 Homes, an indie drama about a man who gets involved with a shady real estate broker following the foreclosure of his own home. More notably, 99 Homes is directed and written by Ramin Bahrani, who has quietly made a career out of directing intimate humanistic dramas like Chop Shop and Goodbye Solo. Bahrani also directed that wonderful short film in which Werner Herzog voiced a plastic bag. No snark here, folks—Bahrani is great, and hopefully Garfield's fanbase will follow him for this movie. [Hollywood Reporter]

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