Mark Wahlberg Goes to War, Again

Today in showbiz news: A first look at the new war drama Lone Survivor, Ethan Hawke heads back to the Bard, and

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The first trailer for Peter Berg's action drama Lone Survivor was released today, giving us a glimpse of Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Ben Foster, and Emile Hirsch as NAVY Seals on a real-life doomed mission in Afghanistan. (The title is Lone Survivor. It doesn't end well.) From the trailer it looks like a lot of brothers-in-arms type stuff, with maybe a little nod to the complexities and moral gray areas of war, this strange war in particular. Speaking of complexities, some questions have been raised about the accuracy of the book, written by the lone survivor, that the movie is based on, but none of that seems to factor in here. Which, really, is no surprise. Though, here's hoping that ultimately on the Peter Berg thoughtfulness scale, this is way more Friday Night Lights than it is, say, The Kingdom, an aggressively jingo movie that managed to insult pretty much everyone involved. This trailer looks mostly sensitive to such matters, but that doesn't mean much. Come on, Berg. Don't Kingdom us again.

On the complete opposite of the movie spectrum, Ethan Hawke is reteaming with the director of his video store Hamlet — remember that, that cool/silly thing from 13 long years ago? — to do a modern take on Cymbeline. It'll be about cops vs. drug dealers and is described as "Sons of Anarchy meets ROMEO + JULIET." Which... that's not really fair, is it? You can't describe a modern take on Shakespeare using another modern take on Shakespeare, can you? Ah well. The real head-scratcher here is... Cymbeline? Of all the Shakespeare plays, you're going with Cymbeline? I mean, it's hard to get people to freaking Macbeth. And people have heard of that one! Why not just go and do Timon of Athens if you're gonna go random? Go for the gusto! Anyway, it's nice that Ethan Hawke has maintained his commitment to theater-y things in between doing all the horror movies that are clearly making him big bucks. He's a savvy guy, that Ethan Hawke. Who would have known in 1993? [Deadline]

Huh. Bella Thorne, from a Disney Channel program called Shake It Up! (on which she stars with a mystical alien named Zendaya), has been cast in the movie version of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, the beloved children's book that should not be a movie. And it really should not be a movie featuring Bella freaking Thorne as "the gooey girlfriend of Alexander’s very cool older brother." Excuse me if I'm mistaken, but is there a "very cool older brother" or a "gooey girlfriend" in the book? I feel like there is not! So I feel like this movie may be pulling a fast one on us and trying to shoehorn some t(w)een interest into this decidedly for-children story. Which is unacceptable! Shut the thing down. Sorry, Miguel Arteta. Find another movie to direct. This plug is being pulled. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Goldie Hawn's son and Kate Hudson's brother, Oliver Hudson, has been cast in a "major recurring role" on the next season of Nashville. Hudson, who once played the horrible literary bullshit-spouting bartender love interest of Joey Potter on Dawson's Creek, will play "Jeff, a charming, audacious, take-no-prisoners businessman who promises to shake things up in Nashville." Ah, OK. So is he a love interest for Connie Britton? Probably. (Does she have another love interest at the moment? I'm behind on the show.) Or maybe he's a love interest for Chris Carmack, who was just made a regular?? The possibilities are endless! I gotta start watching this damn show again. [Deadline]

Seth Meyers was at TCAs today, talking about his upcoming gig hosting Late Night, once Jimmy Fallon movies to Tonight. Some of the tidbits he revealed is that the show might be four nights a week instead of five, he might keep some of Weekend Update's desk sketch bits, and, most interestingly, they're going to have to get creative with guests. See, because Fallon and Meyers will both be in New York, the celebrity pool will be smaller. So, Meyers said, things might be a bit different: "There is a chance that with bookings, we're going to have to try to find people that we find interesting more than maybe [guests] people are clamoring to see. But that's something we look forward to doing, which is find the sorts of guests who can maybe come back once a month." That could be cool, right? Man, late night is going to look totally different in like seven months. Imagine that. Imagine that! Bill Carter's head is going to explode. [Vulture]

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