'The Lone Ranger' Had a 'Despicable' July 4th Weekend

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Welcome to the Box Office Report, where we're used to little yellow dudes having big hair and jewels for bellybuttons. (No, seriously though: these things look like marshmallow troll dolls.)

1. Despicable Me 2 (Universal): $82.5 million in 3,997 theaters

The Box Office Report is not sure when Despicable Me turned from a well-liked enough kids movie into a franchise worthy juggernaut of money making mystery. Over the five day weekend, this plucky kids click will take in around $140.5 million when the receipts are counted. Despicable Me 2's $82 million Friday-through-Sunday take helped fuel a record breaking long weekend box office. In all, Hollywood took in $220 million over those three days.

2. The Lone Ranger (Disney): $29.4 million in 3,904 theaters

This one, though, is a real mess. The movie that cost well over $200 million to make couldn't muster more than $48.5 million over the five day weekend. Barring a miracle rallying performance overseas, The Lone Ranger is already an embarrassing bust.

3. The Heat (Fox): $25 million in 3,184 theaters [Week 2]

Hey, look! It's visible confirmation word of mouth is helping The Heat. The Melissa McCarthy movie only suffered a 36 percent drop between its first and second week, signalling strong support for this going forward. As more people realize its one of the funniest movies of the summer (This Is The End is the only other movie that could contend for the title) the dollars will keep rolling in. 

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4. Monsters University (Pixar): $19.6 million in 3,739 theaters [Week 3]

Ooh, boy, what a drop after two weeks on top. Once kids had another option -- a smaller, cuter, squishier option -- they flocked to the new shiny movie instead of the Pixar sequel with astounding furor. It's hard to keep kids' attention these days, y'know. 

5. World War Z (Paramount): $18.2 million in 3,316 theaters [Week 3]

So World War Z is a relatively short 2 hours long, keeping it from being a World War zzzzzzzzzz-level snoozer. Probably, right? It can't be that bad. 

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