Kris Jenner's First Talk Show Guest Wasn't Her Granddaughter North West

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Kris Jenner, noted Kardashian matriarch and evil genius, debuted her talk show today on Fox. To drum up viewers, some poor intern (probably) posted a photo of Kris cradling a baby on the show's Facebook page this morning with the caption, "You never know who will stop by our show today! ‪#‎WatchKris." The baby in question was not North West, daughter of Kim and Kanye. It was a decoy baby belonging to Kris's stylist, Monica. 

The ratings aren't in yet, so who knows if Jenner's stunt had its desired effect. Monica has not commented on how she felt offering her child up as a fake North.

Somewhere between a cooking segment with Rocco DiSpirito and a belly dancing tutorial with Mayte Garcia, Kris explained the lack of a famous baby to her audience:

I couldn’t do that to Kim. That would be kidnapping. Kim’s just got to do that on her own time. Let her have her privacy for a little bit and calm down. And when she comes out, she comes out.

Let the record show that Kris Jenner knows what kidnapping is, and nope, she couldn't do it. North West is safe. For now. 

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