Here's the First Trailer for the 'Veronica Mars' Movie

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You knew the first clip was coming at some point this weekend, with Comic-Con happening and all, and now it's here in all of its emotional conflicting glory. Rob Thomas unveiled the first real footage of the Veronica Mars movie late Friday night in an email to his Kickstarter backers. 

The new five minute video starts with a mini-documentary that follows Thomas through the beginning of the crowd-funding project to the actual movie set. There are a bunch of clips of the old cast working, goofing around, and generally being great pals. If you're an old fan of the show, this will make you emotional very early on a Saturday morning. So consider that your fair warning before going in. The real fun starts around the three minute mark when the honest-to-goodness trailer actually starts. 

Veronica Mars is a hot-shot lawyer now, trading in the sandy shores of Neptune for that concrete jungle where dreams are crushed and spit into the gutter, New York City. Most of the trailer's action takes place at a ten-year Neptune High reunion party where, of course, things go horribly awry. The sprinklers go off, punches are thrown, and it's generally a great party. We get a quick check-in with your old pals: Dick is still an dick, Logan is still dreamy and rich, Mac got a new haircut and Weevil is a married man now. It's all a lot to take in, I know.

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There's not a lot about the new plot, but there's a Jamie Lee Curtis cameo, which is pretty cool. For any remaining die-hard fans not convinced this is a good idea, the trailer is designed to pull at the last few feeling you may have dwelling deep inside you. If you were skeptical before, this is supposed to jump start your nostalgia brain waves once and for all. The characters you know and love are grown up and all look fantastic under the bright lights and shiny movie cameras you always wanted for them. 

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