Helena Bonham Carter Is Your Antidote to 'Liz & Dick'

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If Liz & Dick didn't satisfy any sort of desire you had to learn about the tumultous relationship between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton—even if it did satisfy some desire you had to see LiLo make a fool of herself on screen, you cretin—here's your solution. It's a trailer for the BBC's Burton and Taylor starring steampunk princess Helena Bonham Carter as Taylor and The Wire's Dominic West as Burton. 

The film is smaller in scope than Liz & Dick, focusing just on Burton and Taylor's turn in a production of Noel Coward's Private Lives. At the time of the production in 1983, Burton and Taylor had already been married and divorced twice. The 1930 play, fittingly, is about a divorced couple. 

Of course, since this is about Burton and Taylor, the new trailer has the requisite alcohol guzzling, limousine riding, and bottle throwing, all of which might seem a little too familiar if you are passingly acquainted with Liz & Dick. (Also apparently movies about these two can only have titles that are essentially "name and name.") But never fear, because good acting can do wonders, as can what we hope is a good screenplay from William Ivory, who wrote the lovely 2010 film Made in Dagenham. Carter's Tim Burton-y oeuvre would make her potentially seem like a strange choice for Taylor, but she's got the look and Taylor's mid-Atlantic accent down. We're excited for this one in a much different way than we were excited for Liz & Dick. Sorry, Lindsay. 

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