There's a New 'Gravity' Trailer—It Looks Like It Will Be a Marvel

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High hopes are building for Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity, and those are only buoyed by this new trailer which features a single, pivotal scene, that even on a computer screen will make your heart stop. Though there are big name stars in this 3D lost-in-space epic, Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, you barely see their faces in the clip on display. (Their voices, we'll admit, are pretty recognizable, and that's Ed Harris as "Houston" in an Apollo 13 homage.) It's a trailer meant to put the film's artistry on display and that it does, showing one of the many Cuarón signature tracking shots that are reported to be in the film. Matt Goldberg at Collider has reported Gravity opens with a 17-minute long shot.

As Deadline notes, the footage in this trailer also played during Comic-Con where the film wowed. The Hollywood Reporter's Borys Kit reported the Hall H audience "watched with rapt attention." Based on what she saw at the Con, Indiewire's Anne Thompson said the film "looks amazing." The question for it now is how it plays as an awards season contender. It's headed to both the Venice and Toronto film festivals, and opens October 4, which THR's Scott Feinberg noted is just a week ahead of when Warner Bros. released Argo last year. 

Update: Here's another clip, which features of Bullock's character alone trying to contact anyone who may help her. This movie looks very stressful to watch. 

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