Ellen Grossman, Jay-Z's Friend from the Subway, Is a Big Fan of 'Magna Carta'

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Jay-Z's latest Samsung-partnered album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, didn't capture quite the critical fawning Hov may have hoped for, but the rapper has found at least one faithful fan in Ellen Grossman, the old woman he encountered on the subway back in December who turned out to be a bit of a legendary visual artist in her own right. Catching up with Grossman six months later, MTV News invited her to listen to some tracks from the album and share her thoughts on video — and she likes it! Especially "Holy Grail," when she describes as "just exquisite," and "Part II (On the Run)" (feat. Beyoncé), which she praises for its "real connection and real willingness to show their vulnerability." Grossman's hearing keeps her from understanding some of the lyrics, but she does find that "BBC" makes her want to dance out of her seat (she resists). 

Unfortunately, Jay-Z may or may not be too busy answering questions about breakfast cereal and Picasso paintings on Twitter to enjoy Grossman's take.

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